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Thrust roller bearings Roller is the roller thrust roller bearings.
Thrust cylindrical roller bearings Rolling body is a cylindrical roller thrust roller bearings.
Thrust Tapered Roller Bearings Roller is a thrust roller bearing tapered roller.
Thrust needle roller bearings Roller needle roller thrust bearings.
Thrust spherical roller stainless steel bearings Rolling body is convex spherical or concave roller self-aligning thrust roller bearings. A convex spherical roller bearing raceway for the spherical shape, a concave spherical roller bearing shaft raceway for the spherical shape.
A component that is combined with a seat having a mounting plate on a support surface parallel to the axis of the bearing.
Sliding contact surface of spherical plain bearings, mainly for swing motion, tilt movement and rotary motion of the spherical plain bearings.
Combined bearing A set of bearings at the same time by the above two kinds of bearing structure form combination of rolling bearings. Such as needle roller and thrust cylindrical roller bearings, needle roller and thrust ball bearings, needle roller and angular contact ball bearings.
Other bearings Rolling bearings other than those specified above.

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