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If you use a clip on an audio or visual presentation, you may not have to refer to the clip art that you are using. Royalty free clip art, such as Microsoft Office, do not need at the American Psychological Association, or APA style notation. However, if you are quoted from the Internet art or analytical art in your paper, you should include the source in your reference list.

Software reference

If you are using the clip art from a copyright free software, the only reference to the need to be a source of attention after you use the photo on canvas in your file. However, if you are discussing an art or want to list all of your sources, you can refer to the software in your reference list using the following format:

Program title (version number) [format]. Publisher location: publisher.
For example:

New millennium Art (3 edition).photo print Ithaca, New York: the Three Gorges Intel.
Clip art from the web site

If you are quoting or using a web site of a clip art, you should include the web address in your reference list using the following format:

Picture author name or screename, initial (S). (image year). Image [file format]. From web site search.
For example:
Rampa. (2015). Mandala [SVG file]. retrieval

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